my xnor defined

i am a geek... no question.

in late september of 2011, i had this sudden creative urge to "make" something... i desperately wanted to communicate the visual images parading through my brain. perhaps, even make a webcomic (my husband having led the way with his own some time back). i do not consider myself an artist and hold a low opinion of my drawing skills and this led me to create as simple a comic as possible.

since i wanted my own look (and stick figures already feature prominently in other popular webcomics), i looked to the triad of primary shapes for inspiration: triangle, square, circle. from those shapes came the creation of the ball-and-triangle characters set in square frames. my inner geek was ecstatic.

and then i needed a name... a cool name; slightly esoteric.

so i picked my xnor.

weird, right? yeah.

i saw my xnor as not just another strange name for yet another obscure comic. but as a metaphor for how i believe life should be lived.

in digital logic, there is a thing called an logic gate. their role is to take two inputs and, based on the function of each specific gate, return appropriate results, or outputs. the xnor gate can only produce a high output if both inputs are the same; either both on or both off. if there are two different inputs, the result is a zero output.

so take this little logic gate and apply it to life.

to have a successful life, i believe there must be solidarity among the parts that comprise us as humans; everything we do must be in line with our ultimate goal. on or off, hot or cold, yes or no - every action is a choice and those choices have results.

i believe if one is consistent in making choices in line with that ultimate goal, the end result will be a "high" output. conversely, it is true for making consistently bad choices... there will be a "high" result, though perhaps not what one was looking for.

if confused and disjointed, unfocused choices are made in life, the result is a "low" output... no progress, no forward motion. split decisions lead to fence-sitting... which never got anyone anywhere.

the title of this webcomic reminds me every day to be hot or cold, to chose between right and wrong, and to remember every choice has a result.